About Kölcsey Ferenc Secondary Grammar School Körmend

In our school there are about 160 students taught in 7 classes by 19 teachers. This is a coeducational state school being the only secondary grammar school in Körmend.

We offer 2 types of secondary education to students with 4 year classes.
The general secondary grammar school education helps students to reach their goals and take a successful school leaving exam at the end of their studies.
Since September 2016 we offer an advanced level education in foreign languages. It means that students attend more language classes in one of their chosen foreign languages (English or German). With this advanced language education, they can reach higher level of foreign language knowledge.

The school is very proud of their talented and successful students. They have achieved great success in national and regional competitions (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, foreign languages) and in sport events like swimming, basketball, handball or the Intellectual Olympics.

Our school has also good experience in international cooperation. We have had several successful international programmes so far:

·         Socrates – student exchanges, environmental projects

·         Comenius – visits to England, Wales, France, Denmark, Portugal, Poland

·         Partner town cooperation – student exchanges, visits to Germany and to The Netherlands

We also consider culture important: we organize varied cultural events like Students’ Day, Chemical Theatre or The Day of the Hungarian Culture, foreign language events and sporting events.

Overlooking the Borders Project

Teaching students to look for creative ideas to see options and opportunities in our area and in that of the partners so that they can improve their use of foreign languages.

Planned activities:
We would like to organize virtual classrooms. It means that students could keep contact with students from partner schools on the internet. They could chat with each other about specific topics that they have learnt on the foreign language classes. They could get to know each other, each other’s culture, customs by using a common foreign language.  It would also be a fantastic way to make international friendships.

They would know information about each other so they could prepare a „portfolio” about one another to find the differences and the similarities between them. They could get important experience in the use of their foreign language, and they could also discuss their learnt topics with their partners.

At the end of every year students would take part in a video conference class, when they could speak to those who they have chatted through the year and discuss their experiences. As a result, they could present then what they have learnt about the cooperation and then they could evaluate their progress with their teachers.

We are also planning to organise different activities together. Both towns have a castle with great history, we could invite each other to cultural events, like Europe Days, Körmend Days, or to sporting events.